Widespread Panic - Live from Austin, TX DVD

If you're among the legions of Widespread Panic fans, you already know that the band is legendary for never playing the same show twice or the same song the same way twice. What makes this performance that much more special is the inspiring presence of founding member Michael Houser (whose nickname, "Panic," inspired the band's name), who died of pancreatic cancer less than two years later. As much as anything, this is a celebration of Houser's life and the sheer joy he brought to a band that became one of the biggest draws on the international concert circuit and created a vibe that makes the Panic experience unique in the pop rock world.

One look at this show and it quickly becomes obvious that there was something strange going on in the house that night. The audience threatens to steal the show during this Halloween party recorded October 31, 2000!

Let's Get Down to Business
Ain't Life Grand
Space Wrangler
Climb to Safety
Blue Indian
Casa Del Grillo
Driving Song >
Surprise Valley >
Driving Song
Travelin' Light
Bear's Gone Fishin'
Dyin' Man
Porch Song

75 minutes

Released October 28, 2008