The Bomb Squad - Rip It Up Live DVD

After an American Music Award, two independently released studio albums, and a major festival tour in 2005, the Bomb Squad explodes with its 3rd effort, a DVD entitled Rip it Up. The DVD features 90 minutes of live Bomb Squad filmed from 7 cameras at Boston's Paradise Rock Club. Bonus features include a short movie about the band documenting its rise from sold out bar shows to winning the American Music Awards and to playing in front of over 25,000 at the 2005 Montreal Jazz Festival.

Guitarist and band founder Q states that "We've had some great moments in the first 3 years of this band. This is our chance to sum it up in a 2 hour film and share it with our fans. It's about them and about us, and it gives some unique prospective. It's also a great product for a potential new fan, because it allows them to catch up to the current day and join the Bomb Squad ride".

Ben Huggins, director of the DVD says, "We wanted to showcase the band in the live venue, so primarily it's a concert film. However we also wanted the bonus features to play like a movie and tell the story of how things came together for the Bomb Squad. It's definitely a rockumentary of sorts. Even though the band has only been together for a few years, so much has happened and it's a great story for any music fan."

The concert portion of the DVD features a cross section material from the bands first two albums. Sophistafunk, the Squad's debut, was released in 2002, and Bomb Squad II dropped in 2004. II was co-produced by rock producer/A&R man Jimmy Bralower.

The Bomb Squad won the New Music Award at the 2003 American Music Awards. Given the nod by Dick Clark, the band received the honors and performed directly after Metallica at the awards in 2003.

Live Tracks filmed at Paradise Rock Club, September 18, 2004:

Big Hot Money Spot
True Thang
Ready To Ride
What U See
Keep On Moving
Freak of Nature
Hey Good Lookin'
Rip It Up
Find Another Love

Released 2/14/06