Zilla - alliZ (2 CDs)


Zilla is Michael Travis, Jamie Janover, and Aaron Holstein.

Zilla's first studio release is an ecstatically expansive mind-expanding explosion of dance music, psychedelic textures, and organic experimentation. This is some of the most interesting electronic music being made today, and it's all done on the fly by three extremely talented musicians.

Disc: 1

  1. Waffle Roast
  2. Encroaching Phyla
  3. Milkman
  4. Funeral March of the Penguin Mafia
  5. Leptons & Bosons
  6. Crouching Camel
  7. Hidden Raisin
  8. Bee Rakes

Disc: 2

  1. Very Important Other Song
  2. Onomonopoet
  3. Spokes
  4. Cakes & Pies
  5. Secret Victory

Released Sept. 5, 2006

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