Zigaboo Modeliste - Zigaboo.com CD

Zigaboo Modeliste, master drummer and rhythym innovator ispleased to announce the release of his new CD, titled ZIGABOO.COM written, produced, and published on his own label, JZM Records. His new CD illustrates his songwriting ability, vocals and his producing talents,not to mention his unsurpassed skill on the skins. Thisis Zigaboo's first solo record, and one that comes almost20 years after the disbanding of the group that introducedthe world to his syncopated licks, the world- famous Meters.Among the great guests featured on Zigaboo.com is the other piston in the Meters rhythm engine, bassist George Porter Jr. What better to highlight their 20-year reunion than a funky instrumental number entitled "Zig Me." Another special guest, the great Nick Daniels (formally of the Neville Brothers and the Wild Magnolias)lends his prodigious voice to "Sing Me A Song" To round out the funk attack, Zigaboo has recruited a vastarray of talented musicians from New Orleans, LA and the Bay Area of California. An All Star cast of some of New Orleans' finest and funkiest appear, including Renard Poche on guitar from Dr. John's Band, David Torkanowsky on keyboards from Astral Project, Jon Cleary on Keyboardsfrom Bonnie Raitt's Band. The Bay area musicians include the talented Ray Obiedo, Norbert Stachel on Sax from Towerof Power, John Allairs on keyboards of Van Morrison and ofcourse, Zigaboo's California Band "The New Aahkesstra", Keyboardist, Dale Ockeman (formally of the Doobie Brothers), Chris Rossbach on guitar and long time veteran bassist Jerome " The Rock" Hammond.

The album features his smashing new single, "Funky Nasty Cigarettes". It all adds up to an offering that will keepfunk freaks flying and turntableists spinning on their heads. Zigaboo.com will have you "Standing in Your Stuff" so you can "Shake What you Got". With songs like these,it is a guarantee that you are "Gonna Have a Party"