Zero - Absolute Zero Cd

The first ZERO recording, never released untilnow; it was the inception of the band'sinstrumental repertoire. The studio album wasrecorded in the early eighties and performed byZero's founding members: Steve Kimock; guitarand bass; Greg Anton: drums and piano.Remastered by Brian Risner in 2011, thehigh-fidelity studio recording was the starting pointfor what was to become one of San Francisco'spremier improvisational jazz/rock bands.

"The band revolves around two remarkablemusicians; guitarist Steve Kimockand drummer Greg Anton, composers ofthe band's music and the sparkplugsdriving the band's improvisational rock."~ Joel Selvin, San Francisco Chronicle

Track List:
1. Tear Tags Off Mattresses (G. Anton) 4:29 listen
2. Straight Jackets (S.Kimock) 6:12 listen
3. Smells Like Girls Drums (S. Kimock) 4:10 listen
4. Severe Tire Damage (S. Kimock) 7:21 listen
5. Theme From Nancy Germany (G. Anton) 4:56 listen

Recorded at Avatar Studio in Santa Rosa,California in the early eighties.

"Absolute Zero" was the inception of the Zeroinstrumental repertoire.Released May 2011