You Purple Virgin - Heart Like A Tiny Jewel CD

You Purple Virgin is the 5-string bass belonging to E.J. Simpson. Together, they have rocked and recorded the world over (with The MPEband, with TheGoats, with The Problem and many others). "Heart Like A Tiny Jewel" is their first solo album. Co-produced by Adrian Harpham and mixed with Grammy winner Phil Nicolo, YouPurpleVirgin's Heart Like A Tiny Jewel is "a heartfelt ride through textures and melodies....a great debut!" says Philadelphia City Paper. Try it and see/hear/feel the purple!

Track List:
1. Heaven listen
2. Almost Perfect listen
3. Sweet Lover listen
4. Almost listen
5. Got To listen
6. Another Sad Song listen
7. Learning to Say Goodbye listen
8. Moon She Knows listen
9. Malibu listen
10. Heart Still listen
11. Incalculable listen
12. Got to Got to listen