Will Hoge - Draw the Curtains CD

Decades ago, before the first rock and roll idols turned music into a product, musicians played music the way cobblers mended shoes and carpenters built homes. Welcome to the world of Will Hoge. "I'm embarrassingly in love with rock and roll," he admits. "It's all consuming."

Draw The Curtains, Hoge's first album in two years, is a tour de force of authenticity, covering sounds from country and roots to rock, soul, and R&B. "Washed by the Water" and "Silver or Gold" gush with the passion and spirituality of Otis Redding-fired rock and roll while "Midnight Parade" resonates with the color and verve of early Springsteen. It's music the way it was meant to be played, with a rock-is-my-life, let's-hit-the-road attitude.

Hoge's music is the unwavering sound of a born rocker. He filters rock, soul, folk, blues and country through a prism of emotional authenticity and what emerges is undeniable.

1. When I Can Afford to Lose mp3
2. These Were the Days mp3
3. Dirty Little War mp3
4. Silver or Gold mp3
5. Sex, Lies and Money mp3
6. I'm Sorry Now mp3
7. Midnight Parade mp3
8. Draw the Curtains mp3
9. Washed by the Water
10. The Highway's Home

Released 10/9/07