U-Melt - The I's Mind CD

Recorded and mixed at Mind Ignition Studios in Cincinnati, Ohio during the first half of 2006, The I's Mind was produced by U-Melt and their long time sound guru and engineer Josh Parrish. The I's Mind reunited the band with engineer Alex Lusht, who co-produced U-Melt's first studio effort, and marked U-Melt's first chance to enter the studio with truly road tested songs.

With the release of The I's Mind, U-Melt continues its progression of becoming the band it wants to be -- a band without boundaries. While creating a cohesive album which perfectly flows from one song to the next, U-Melt showcased their ability to distance themselves from traditional labels, revealing a unique sound by combining intense and captivating compositions while maintaining an infectious groove that will keep your feet moving and your mind floating.

1) Air
2) Escape
3) 415
4) Sequel
5) Go
6) Cloud Box
7) Different Things
8) Ernest Funknine

Released Oct. 3, 2006.