Turbo Pro Project - Daydream CD

It's banjo-hip-hop-fusion music! When a band lists Earl Scruggs, Bela Fleck, Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five, and Rakim as their most powerful influences, you know you're in for something different!

A banjo player and a DJ seem to be unlikely candidates to be playing music together, let alone in the same band. This is indeed part of the personnel in the Turbo Pro Project, a group headed by banjoist Adrian "Turbo" Trbovich and supported by DJ Chris "DJ Pro" Prear. Adrian has played all over the country sharing his unique approach to the banjo, from festivals to smoky bar rooms. Among these numerous venues, Adrian has repeatedly been a musical artist at the prestigious Merlefest, the premiere festival for Americana music. DJ Pro has guest DJ'd for stars like Biggie Smalls, Method Man and Redman, Chico Brown, and Little Vicious. Pro brings the second element to the project, one that adds the backbone and keeps the crowd moving. Guitarist Aaron Soots, aka the Rhythm Machine, was born and raised in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. He brings an Appalachian tradition fused with jazzy styles and rock-solid rhythms. On the low end, the newest addition is the incomparable Kenn Smith. He's not just any bass player, but a producer, composer, clinician, instructor and published author. He has played with great artists, such as Tower of Power, Stanley Jordan, Wynton Marsalis, and members of the Miles Davis band. These members make up the overall spirit of this band, one that is not stuck to just one style. The Turbo Pro Project puts all stereotypes aside to take a musical journey that knows no bounds.

1 Intro mp3
2 Cluck Old Hen mp3
3 Daydream mp3
4 Floo-id mp3
5 Why Do I Tripp? mp3
6 Turntables Vs Banjo mp3
7 Java Groove mp3
8 Outro mp3

Released March 2008