Toubab Krewe - TK2 CD

Asheville, NC's Toubab Krewe takes the African guitar sound pioneered by Ali Farka Toure and others to strange and wonderful new places on their Nat Geo Music debut, TK2. Formed in 2005, Toubab Krewe has tenaciously honed their craft through relentless touring and a fierce dedication to carving out something they can truly call their own. The fruits of this hard work can be heard on the scintillating TK2. What Justin Perkins (Kora, Kamelngoni, guitar, percussion), Teal Brown (drums, congas), Drew Heller (guitar, piano, fiddle), David Pransky (bass, guitar), and Luke Quaranta (Djembe, percussion) have wrought on TK2 reflects the many miles and musical journeys that have transpired since their studio debut five years ago.

Track List:
1. Mariama listen
2. Nirvana The Buffalo listen
3. Holy Grail listen
4. Sirens listen
5. Carnavalito listen
6. Mansani Cisse listen
7. Area Code listen
8. Gine Fare listen
9. Konkoba listen
10. Beacon listen
11. One Night Watkins listen

Release date 07.12.2011