Tony Trischka Band - New Deal CD

In looking for words to describe the Tony Trischka Band, it's tempting to say something like "post-modern roots music," but that phrase does nothing to convey the joy, surprise and groove factor present on every track on New Deal. There's a jam band sensibility here, along with serious musical chops and influences from bluegrass, jazz, funk, blues, Eastern music and American old-time music. The compositions of banjo innovator Trischka and sax player Michael Amendola are supported by the sly virtuosity of bassist Bob Bowen, drummer Scott Newman and guitarist Rolf Sturm, with cameo vocals by David Johannsen, Loudon Wainwright III and Jennifer Kimball. A pure delight!

"New Deal by the Tony Trischka Band is a far-reaching odyssey across the landscape of America. From the two lane black tops of the rural counties to the interstate arteries that plunge you into downtown nerve centers, you are going to need to pack both your bib overalls and your tux for this trip. Journey with Tony and his friends as they take you to a sonic destination that is not found on any map." -Jorma Kaukonen

"I was instantly mesmerized not because of his technical prowess or innovative style, but because of his willingness to journey into scary, unpredictable territory." -Mike Gordon, Phish

"Tony Trischka Band is on the cutting edge of creativity. With this, their second release, they continue to push the boundaries in their pursuit of excellence." -Bela Fleck

1- Earl's Breakdown
2- 44
3- Big Papa Rides Again
4- Northern Falling
5- Hand Me My Banjo Down
6- Miracle Man
7- Quasi Qoto
8- Fair Lawn Justice
9- Arizona
10- Baby's in the Cradle
11- A Hymn for Dreams that Don't Come True

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