Tim Carter - Bang Bang CD

Like his Brother Dan, Tim Carter was influenced very early on by the strains if the Appalachian folk and bluegrass music that surrounded them in North Carolina. In his early teens Tim became obsessed with the banjo and spent many hours everyday learning the different styles of the great N.C. players. Earl Scruggs and Don Reno were especially influential in Tim's development as a banjo player. Tim played in various bluegrass-folk bands while in college in Boone, N.C. After college he and Brother Danny teamed up to pursue their musical journey together as an acoustic duo. They began playing the ski resorts and various venues in the mountains of N.C. Soon the urge to experiment and create led them towards a more folk/rock/bluegrass direction by adding drums and bass to their ever developing sound. About this time Tim began learning and playing the mandolin and harmonica. The electric folk/rock/bluegrass/blues sound of the Brothers was born!

Now residing in Nashville, Tim is utilizing his Grammy-winning skills as a producer/engineer. He built and designed the recording studio on the property of their home in the hills of Tennessee. When he and Dan are not on the road he sometimes travels with banjo great and good friend Alison Brown as sound engineer. Tim is also a fine writer of instrumental music. "Tim is always experimenting with sounds and rhythms, never ceases to amaze me and is a constant source of inspiration" says Brother Dan. The journey continues on this solo CD, Bang Bang. Special guest include: Alison Brown, Tim O'Brien, Casey Driessen, Rob Ickes, Tim Stafford, Jim Hurst, Matt Flinner, Mickey Grimm, Tim Lorsch, Ross Sermons and a special appearance by brother Danny.

1- Cracks in the Floor mp3
2- I Can't Settle Down mp3
3- Chronicle mp3
4- Where I Belong mp3
5- Dogpatch mp3
6- I'm King of the Hill mp3
7- Vassillie's Lullaby mp3
8- The Signs mp3
9- Into Carrowkeel
10- Second Son