Tiedye Black - Thursdays at TDK's CD

From a circle of his San Francisco Bay Area friends, Tiedye Keith is excited to announce the latest CD - Tiedye Black's Thursday's at TDK's - a co-production between Tiedye Keith and Vernon Ice Black. A collection of toe tappers and finger snappers in a traditional jazz quartet style that will also appeal to jam band and jazz fusion enthusiasts. Recorded over several Thursdays, the Tiedye Black sessions were a musical sanctuary in the midst of the hectic lives of working musicians, like a weekly musical summer BBQ with no one leaving hungry. While creating a glorious masterpiece of musical expression so rich in texture and feeling, one can sense in some way the profound truth contained therein - a true expression of their joy of music from a close camaraderie of life long friends who just happen to be world class musicians, too! "Kerlazzo," an original TDK creation, showcases the percussion work of Karl Perazzo, Carlos Santana's world famous percussionist.

Tiedye Keith's coterie of musicians on Tiedye Black includes:Vernon Ice Black - Co-Producer & guitar (Herbie Hancock)Tony Lindsay - vocals (Santana)Curtis Ohlson - bass (Ray Charles)Billy Johnson - drums (Santana)Eric Crystal - sax (Boz Scaggs)Bill Ortiz - trumpet (Santana)Ken Harrill - guitar (Neil Young)Karl Perazzo - percussion (Santana)Marquihno Basil - percussion (Mariah Carey)

An additional highlight on Thursdays at TDK's is the work of the legendary sound engineer Tom Flye (original Woodstock LP, Sly Stone's Fresh LP, Rick James' Street Sounds).

1- Russian Lullaby (13:36) mp3 sample
2- So What (10:28) mp3 sample
3- Royalty Free (3:17) mp3 sample
4- banter (:09) mp3 sample
5- Impressions (9:08) mp3 sample
6- Kerlazzo (6:22) mp3 sample

Released July 2008