Thievery Corporation - The Mirror Conspiracy CD

It is electronic, but don't be mistaken...Thievery Corporation infuses metric tons of feeling and organic elements into their "stolen" concoctions. Utilizing styles that cross the globe (Brazilian, Asian, Eastern, African, and more), the duo creates an undulating flow of sexy grooves, mellow atmospheres, and wholly entertaining sounds on this brilliant record.

Special Edition CD includes two bonus tracks and Enhanced CD content.

1. Treasures mp3
2. La Monde mp3
3. Indra mp3
4. Lebanese Blonde mp3
5. Focus On Sight mp3
6. Air Batacuda mp3
7. So Com Voce mp3
8. Samba Tranquille mp3
9. Shadows Of Ourselves mp3
10. The Hong Kong Triad mp3
11. Illumination mp3
12. The Mirror Conspiracy mp3
13. Tomorrow