The Wild Magnolias - Life is A Carnival CD

New Orleans legends come correct on this 1999 release! Their pulsating gumbo of rhythms, smooth-yet-gruff vocals, and unmatched musicianship will turn your house into a carnival!

Track List:
1- Pock-a-Nae
2- Coochie Molly
3- Who Knows
4- Life is a Carnival (with Robbie Robertson and Bruce Hornsby)
5- Party
6- Old Time Indian
7- All on a Mardis Gras Day
8- Shanda Handa
9- Cowboys and Indians
10- Blackhawk (with Dr. John)
11- Pocket Change
12- Herc-Jolly-John
13- Battlefield
14- Hang Tough
15- Tootie Ma
16- Peacepipe