The Waybacks & Friends - Deja View CD


The Waybacks, along with special guests the T Sisters, Jim Lauderdale, Celia Woodsmith, Jens Kruger, Christian Sedelmyer, and Ben Morrison, time travel to 1970 for an inspired Hillside Album afternoon interpretation of Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young's classic, Deja Vu. Playing off the literal definition of "something already seen," the band weaves passages from all previous six Album Hours throughout this resonant performance. Deja View's cover reflects something else already seen, reflected though the lens of a performer's sunglasses - a hillside filled with enthusiastic fans that continues to make the experience a joyful and meaningful adventure for all. Grab a copy and experience your own deja vu!


  1. Carry On listen
  2. Teach Your Children listen
  3. Almost Cut My Hair listen
  4. Helpless listen
  5. Woodstock listen
  6. Deja Vu listen
  7. Our House listen
  8. 4+20 listen
  9. Country Girl listen
  10. Everybody I Love You listen
  11. Suite Judy Blue Eyes listen