The Thang - GrooveJazz Vol. 1 CD

After sitting and listening to this band I had to get up and jam with them....The Thang is without a doubt THE THANG.
- Melvin Sparks, jazz legend

This fresh new funk sound laced with jazz is brought to you by David Shuman (bass) and Marc Balling (drums), who were participants in Deep Banana Blackout guitarist Fuzz's side project On the Corner, plus Barry Seelen (organ) and Mike Bradley (guitar). Former DBB trombonist Rob Volo appears on two tracks.

Track List:
1- Bomb Jazz
2- Sidewall
3- The Feelin'
4- Big Brother
5- Mr. Sneer
6- Barry's Blues
7- Shu Gruv
8- Shaker
9- At Large