The Station - Speed of Sound - Live at Marleys (2 CDs)

On Speed of Sound, The Station balances its jams on a metallic edge, adds a dash of funky machismo and even summons its Southern-rock roots to provide a fine introduction for new listeners. Despite a running time of nearly two-and-a-half hours -- all but two of these 12 songs clock in at longer than 10 minutes -- Speed of Sound remains a far-from-laborious listen. The Station jams creatively while still focusing on the songs' melodies, structure and overall effect. Highlights include Illuminator, which boasts jaw-dropping guitar and sax solos, and the heartland anthem Midwest Moonshine. But, really, cue up just about any of these tunes, push 'play' and let your opinion of jam bands likely be altered for the better.- Michael Popke, Sea of

1 Shoulders Of Giants mp3
2 Illuminator mp3
3 The Other Side mp3
4 Vagabond Slim mp3
5 Another Dawn mp3
6 Les The Gypsy mp3
1 Drop Of A Hat mp3
2 Midwest Moonshine mp3
3 Something's Gotta Give mp3
4 Nothing To Hide mp3
5 Questions mp3
6 Smile And Nod mp3