The Pnuma Trio - Live From Out There CD


...the three sculpt a sound of post-modern electronica colored with thick, chunky bass lines, a barrage of high-hats, and synthed-out splashes of melody. Filled with escalating peaks and breath-catching valleys, The Pnuma Trio make music that you feel, not just hear. -

The Pnuma Trio's innovative brad of atmospheric soul-trance is a captivating sound that meshes dance music elements with traditional jazz and funk sensibilities. Riding on the cusp of futuristic innovation while remaining in tune with their past influences, The Pnuma Trio allows their musicianship to speak for itself, offering beat-driven, precise compositions that still allow space for free thought and movement. It's instrumental, improvisational dance music for a new era in the live electronic realm, appealing to jam fans, hip-hop heads, and electronic dance party fanatics alike.

Recorded live throughout their Winter 2005 tour, Live From Out There is a bold debut from this fearless trio!

1- Achi mp3
2- Tall Tree mp3
3- Shindahla mp3
4- Robot mp3
5- Air mp3
6- TVRC mp3
7- Bufkin's Tank mp3
8- Improv Jam mp3
9- Indugrisi mp3

Released May 2, 2006