The Nucleus - Quicksand CD

Ten years in and with numerous national tours and albums, the Nucleus has settled into its groove as an adventurous and versatile Rock and Roll band. Based in Northern California but having spent considerable time throughout the country, they have amassed a wealth of experience and influences that continues to shape their sound.

The Nucleus' latest release, Quicksand, catches the band at the peak of its studio production and songwriting strengths. With a concise seven songs, the album is dense and propulsive while taking the listener on an unmistakable journey. The opening track "Truckstop" has the feel of a classic southern-rock anthem with its gritty guitar riffs, funky roadhouse piano and memorable chorus. The piano driven "Water into Wine" takes a more modern turn with its polyrhythmic dance-influenced beat, hypnotic chords and pertinent lyrics. Nomore Anything is an existential rocker with rich atmospherics and punchy choruses that evolves into a fiery rave-up.

A solid listen throughout, Quicksand is an intriguing snapshot of a decade-old band telling its story and of the world we are all trying to survive in.

Track List:
1. Truckstop listen
2. Water into Wine listen
3. 4 Star Junkie listen
4. Persian Dance Night listen
5. No More Anything listen
6. King of the World listen
7. Rising Up listen

Released November 2010

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