The County Well - Future Country CD


Produced by a wealth of diverse contributors drawn from across Marin County, CA, and the San Francisco Bay Area, The County Well is a genuinely unique and sometimes truly strange blend of voices, instruments, and styles.  At its core is a sort of "southern-ness" that ranges geographically from Tennessee, down to New Orleans, west through Texas, along the Mexican border, and into Southern California.  Instrumentally, this southern-ness is evoked by dobro, pedal steel, slide guitar, flute, trombone, nylon string guitar picked in both Bluegrass and Spanish styles, and piano and organ.  Stylistically, one hears the influences of Little Feat, J.J. Cale, Jerry Douglas, Marshall Tucker, Reba McEntire, Dolly Parton, Willie Nelson, Daniel Lanois; and, more contemporarily, Hot Buttered Rum and Moses Guest, which stands to reason because Eric Yates of Hot Buttered Rum and Graham Guest of Moses Guest are all over the record.  Here is the complete list of musicians and music-makers who are The County Well:  

Tracy Blackman-Backing Vocals on Mrs. Soul and Hollywood.

Eric Eisenberg- Backing Vocals on Light.

Graham Guest-Nylon Guitar on all songs. Electric Guitar on Subtle and Serene.

                        - Lead Vocals on Everything except Subtle and Serene.

Joel Jaffe- Pedal Steel on Alabama, Baby and Hollywood.  Lap Steel on Extra Heavy.

Sophie Meiers-Backing Vocals on Alabama.

Steve Moore-Bass on Everything

Sean Nelson-Drums and Percussion on Hollywood, Ship You Can't Steer, Mrs. Soul, Light, and Empty Hall.

Amy Nordstrom- Backing Vocals on Baby, Extra Heavy and Ship You Can't Steer.

Sandy Stadtfelt- Trombone on Mezzaine.

Erik Yates-Flute on Mrs. Soul, Subtle and Serene and Ship You Can't Steer.

                -Dobro on Baby.  Backing Vocals on Light.

Steven Younger- Keyboards on Hollywood, Empty Hall and Extra Heavy.  

                        -Backing Vocals on Hollywood and Mrs. Soul.

Don Zimmer- Acoustic Guitar on all songs except Baby.

                    -Snare Drum on Alabama.


Produced by Graham Guest and Don Zimmer.

Mixed by Joel Jaffe, Buddy Saleman and Don Zimmer.   Mastered by  Jeffrey Norman.


Track List.

1. Alabama (Guest) listen
2. Mrs. Soul (Zimmer) listen
3. Baby (Guest) listen
4. Mezzanine (Guest, Zimmer) listen
5. Extra Heavy (Zimmer) listen
6. Light (Guest) listen
7. Ship You Can't Steer (Zimmer) listen
8. Empty Hall (Guest) listen
9. Hollywood (Zimmer) listen
10. Subtle And Serene (Guest, Zimmer) listen