The Codetalkers - Now CD

Now positively crackles with the energy and impressive musicianship of this trio! The Codetalkers are Bobby Lee Rodgers (guitar/vocals), Tyler Greenwell (drums), and Ted Pecchio (bass), and they build this spectacular sound out of various elements. The styles encompassed here are many, such as blues, New Orleans soul, big-sounding rock, frenzied acoustic picking, and more, all tempered with the technical prowess of jazz. Ultimately, Rodger's stimulating vocals and the band's propulsive instrumental spirit are what gives The Codetalkers their unique sound.

1. Ike Stubblefield 3:36 mp3
2. Broken Home 4:20 mp3
3. Tumblin' Down 4:34 mp3
4. Blow my Brains 4:49 mp3
5. Worlds Apart 4:15 mp3
6. Saved by the Same Thing 4:32 mp3
7. Sagittarius Face 4:54 mp3
8. Million Dollars 3:43 mp3
9. Niagara Falls 4:26 mp3
10. Victor the Snake Man 3:14 mp3
11. Sound Sister 3:12 mp3

Released 6/13/06