The Best Of Pickin' On Phish CD

This CD combines the "best of" the previous 2 Pickin' on Phish compilations. As revered leaders of the free-spirited jam band movement, Phish mixed rock, folk, funk, jazz and bluegrass into a unique musical stew that inspired a devoted following not seen since the heyday of the Grateful Dead. Devoted "phans" turned Phish's mind-blowing live shows into a full-fledged community of musical miscreants. Subtle Sounds: The Best of Pickin' on Phish features 14 of the hottest tracks from both our best-selling bluegrass tributes. It's a Phish-head's dream: sparkling improvisations based around acoustic instruments such as banjo, mandolin, dobro and fiddle, and a fitting tribute to the band's legacy of musical experimentation and exploration.

1. Rift
2. Down With Disease
3. Silent in the Morning
4. Brian and Robert
5. You Enjoy Myself
6. Birds of a Feather
7. Glide
8. Weekapaug Groove
9. Tweezer
10. Maze
11. Water in the Sky
12. First Tube
13. Sparkle
14. Waste

Released 1/9/07