The Avett Brothers - Four Thieves Gone: The Robbinsville Sessions CD


Unrelentingly undefinable! The Avett Brothers ooze the straightforward honesty of country and bluegrass music, but where most acoustic-leaning bands would restrain themselves, these guys go for broke. Unafraid to beef their sound up with various instruments or to scream where some would croon, this trio tells it like it is, playing music the way they want it to be. There's their unique sound fused with everything from jazz, swing, folk, punk, rock, and beyond on this album, which manages to sound like everything from Violent Femmes to Vassar Clements!

1. Talk on Indolence mp3
2. Pretty Girl from Feltre mp3
3. Colorshow mp3
4. Distraction #74 mp3
5. Sixteen in July mp3
6. Left on Laura, Left on Lisa mp3
7. A Lover Like You mp3
8. Pretend Love mp3
9. Matrimony mp3
10. The Lowering (A Sad Day In Greenvilletown) mp3
11. The Fall mp3
12. Dancing Daze mp3
13. Famous Flower of Manhattan mp3
14. 40 East mp3
15. Gimmeakiss mp3
16. Denouncing November Blue (Uneasy Writer) mp3
17. Four Thieves Gone mp3

Released 2/7/06