Tabla Beat Science - Live In San Francisco (2 CDs)

Unpredictability is often the soul of a live performance, especially when it arises from an entirely new fusion of genres and cultures. So it happened that on August 12, 2001, in this same spirit of the unexpected, a group of high-caliber musicians under the name Tabla Beat Science convened outdoors among the towering eucalyptus trees of Stern Grove in San Francisco. Melding traditional Indian rhythms, African vocal styles, modern electronics, low-end dub bass and DJ breakbeats into a two-hour sonic experience, the music of Tabla Beat Science left an indelible mark on the thousands of people who were there to witness it. Live in San Francisco at Stern Grove (Axiom/Palm) recaptures the electricity of that day, and continues in what has become a tradition of monumental live recordings that bear the ineffable stamp of a Bay Area event, from Carlos Santana's Live at the Fillmore to Miles Davis' Black Beauty and beyond.

Disc One:
1- Taaruf
2- Sacred Channel
3- Nafeken
4- Ap Ke Baras
5- Magnetic Dub

Disc Two:
1- Satellite
2- Tala Matrix
3- Trajic
4- Mengedegna
5- Devotional Dub