Taarka - Even Odd Bird CD

Taarka is an instrumental band, focusing all of their creative energies on a breathless synergy of sounds. They know when to lay back and let it flow, and when to push it forward, culminating in an intensity rarely found in acoustic music. - Matt Ziegler, Flagstaff Live

Acoustic world-folk with mountains of vibratory, transcendental playing!

1- Even Odd Bird mp3
2- Dance For Impeachment mp3
3- Kudzu mp3
4- Semaii Aztlan mp3
5- Fresh Paint mp3
6- Fat Chance mp3
7- March Waltz mp3
8- Obleo's Travels mp3
9- Echincea And The Golden Seal mp3
10- Good Ribbonce mp3
11- Augra's Machine mp3
12- Dhun mp3
13- Free Rain mp3