Subthunk - You Should've Been Here Yesterday CD

Vocalist Lisa Moore adds even more stratospheric flavor to this band's undulating electronic tapestries! With the enigmatic "Ant" at the helm steering with guitars and programming, this forward-thinking outfit forms a sound that draws from influences such as downtempo, breakbeat, drum and bass, jazz, and dance music. A female vocalist adds just the right humanized touch to the crisp, clean layers of sample-laden grooves that the band is so accomplished at creating. Dig the funkified country harmonica intro on "Scratch," or the skittering rhythms they incorporate into the reefer-jazz classic "When I Get Low, I Get High." This band obviously scoffs at musical boundaries!

1- Day 2 mp3
2- You Should've Been Here Yesterday mp3
3- Who's In Charge? mp3
4- Scratch mp3
5- Match mp3
6- Models In Space mp3
7- When I Get Low, I Get High mp3
8- Burn mp3
9- Bleed mp3
10- Dillusionary mp3
11- Day 2 Reprise mp3