String Cheese Incident - Song in My Head CD


“The coolest part of this album is that, in the end, it really sounds like us, maybe more so than any of the other albums that we’ve done.” – Bill Nershi, The String Cheese Incident

For a band like The String Cheese Incident, it’s odd to think that 20 years into a remarkable career, their ninth album - and first studio album in nine years - would really epitomize their sound. But that’s the message with Song In My Head the band’s new album, produced by Jerry Harrison of the Talking Heads that includes 10 new songs written collaboratively by the group over the past nine years.

Song In My Head is perhaps the band’s tightest and most skillful album yet. After years of feeling more like live players than studio musicians, the band members finally tapped into the skill that two decades’ worth of performing brings. There’s also an overarching sense of joy and renewed passion throughout. “Stylistically, the album feels like the most modern expression of our music,” drummer Michael Travis says. “This album feels more genuinely us. It’s everything we’ve learned about making an album.”

1. Colorado Bluebird Sky 6:28
2. Betray the Dark 6:46
3. Let's Go Outside 4:17
4. Song in My Head 5:37
5. Struggling Angel 5:36
6. Can't Wait Another Day 5:03
7. So Far from Home 3:55
8. Rosie 5:51
9. Stay Through 4:06
10. Colliding 7:10

Released 04.29.2014