Stir Fried - CD

Stir Fried featuring Pedal Steel innovator Buddy Cage has attracted older generation legend's such as Vassar Clements, Commander Cody, and Buzzy Linhart, as well as new legend's Derek Trucks, and The Reverend Jeff Mosier. The bands original music mixes soulful vocals, deep percussive groove's, and psychedelic improvisational journeys that stir up a fiery blend that attacks the spine as well as the mind. Stir Fried's 2nd release is a live CD featuring Fiddle Legend Vassar Clements, and Pedal Steel guru Buddy Cage.

Track Listings
1.I know there's Someone Else
3.Thanks For Nothin'
4.Jessie Jane
5.Bus Stop
6.Beaten Path 2
7.Ever Lovin Woman
8.Love and Peace
10.Bug Jam
11.Collection Box