Stevie Nicks - Gold Dust Women: Radio Broadcast 1989 CD


In the 1980s, Stevie Nicks enjoyed the most successful solo career of anyone from Fleetwood Mac,with four hit albums and a clutch of chart singles. Recorded shortly after the release of 1989s The Other Side of the Mirror, this concert is dominated by material from those releases, including the hits Stand Back, Rooms on Fire, and Whole Lotta Trouble. From a 1989 Radio Broadcast on KSAN-FM Radio.


1: outside the rain

2: dreams

3: rooms on fire

4: gold dust woman

5: Alice

6: no spoken word

7: how still my love

8: beauty & the beast

9: Juliet

10: talk to me

11: whole lotta trouble

12: two kinds of love

13: band introductions

14: edge of seventeen

15: encore break applause

16: drums

17: stand back

18: has anyone ever written anything for you