Steve Morse - Major Impacts CD

Trust one of rock's greatest authorities on the width and breadth of guitar history to come up with a concept as refreshing as Major Impacts. For a man who has reverently appropriated and incorporated so much, it is an elegant and productive way to give back, to gently instruct, to engagingly entertain, Steve Morse devising and executing a record that proposes one composition each in homage of Morse's compatriots, inspirations and heroes.

Through an esteemed catalogue that includes records with Dixie Dregs, Kansas and Deep Purple, as well as solo works and man-to-man collaborations, Morse has coursed a lifeblood through the art of the guitar. And lifeblood is a strangely fitting term; given the man's good-natured, eager and lively sound, his enthusiastic, amiable and nimble steps up the fretboard into the upper echelons of the guitar's hallowed halls.

"I'd have to say that Major Impacts has been one of the most captivating things I've ever done," offers Steve. "The concept was for me to write music that reflected the styles of some of the musicians that had influenced me. I immediately loved the concept and immediately had ideas all over the place; mental notes, cassette tapes scattered about, even crude wave files on my portable computer. I actually couldn't wait to get started and I dove right in. The challenges were there, like trying to give the impression of a guitarist in a vocal band with an original piece of music that doesn't use lyrics. And what are the components of a style? How do you reflect those without actually repeating music? The solution was to use familiar tempos, phrasing, instrumentation and reminiscent themes that would be literally original but obviously intended to imitate. If part of my record reminds you of another tune, you can be pretty sure it was intended."

An interesting, intellectual approach that sets the studious listener up for an amazing ride, indeed a journey through rock's past that, through Steve's inimitable touch, can be enjoyed by those who indeed know little about the theoretical and practical workings of the guitar.

1- Derailleur Gears mp3
2- Well, I Have mp3
3- TruthOla mp3
4- Migration mp3
5- Led On mp3
6- The White Light mp3
7- How Does It Feel? mp3
8- Bring It To Me mp3
9- Something Gently Weeps mp3
10- Free In The Park mp3
11- Prognosis mp3