Steep Canyon Rangers - Lovin' Pretty Women CD

The Steep Canyon Rangers are part of a new wave of young bluegrass bands that specialize in tearing it up. They concentrate in turning the energy up past hot to fricassee...Some bluegrass bands...are great vocalists who also happen to be good pickers, while others...are hot players who can sing. The Steep Canyon Rangers sit smack in the middle of these two camps....I'm pretty confident in stating that the Steep Canyon Rangers are going to be even more successful due to Lovin' Pretty Women. --Vintage Guitar Magazine, October '07

With Lovin' Pretty Women, the Steep Canyon Rangers dig even deeper into a traditional bluegrass sound, but with a sophisticated twist. It's an album filled with the vim and vigor of a band in love with making music.

The Rangers have written their own material since they first started jamming together in a stairwell in college. The group is blessed with artistic vision, a gift for songwriting and an intense desire to create their own unique sound. That's why the Rangers have been able honor the bluegrass masters who came before while nudging the genre forward in new and exciting ways.

The new album showcases a band at the top of its game, whether dipping their banjos and guitars in the gospel water of "Be Still Moses" or telling stories from the coalmines in "Call The Captain" and "Cumberland Moon." The Rangers' compelling harmonies throughout are testament to the band's belief that the voice is as vital a musical instrument as anything with strings.

Whether they're "Lovin' Pretty Women" or making new fans all over the world, there s one thing the Steep Canyon Rangers will definitely be doing - creating timeless acoustic music that honors tradition, while boldly moving it into the future.

1. A Ramblin' Man Is A Ramblin' Man
2. Lovin' Pretty Women
3. Ain't No Way Of Knowin'
4. Call The Captain
5. Pick Up The Blues
6. Be Still Moses
7. Cumberland Moon
8. Don't Ease Me In
9. Desperate And Blue
10. Kuykendall
11. New Sleepy-eyed John
12. Pickin' On Josh

Released August 14, 2007