Steely Dan - Gaucho (remastered) CD

Bolstered by megahits "Hey Nineteen" and "Babylon Sisters", this album became a fitting swan song for the Dan. After acheiving massive success years earlier with 1977's "Aja," they pulled no punches in spurning the hit-friendly sound they had found with more abstract material here. Though two hits start the set, the last 5 songs would be the Dan's last words via the studio for two decades, until "Two Against Nature" came out in 2000. The lumbering orchestration of "Gaucho" and the understated "My Rival" were about as far from the radio-singalongs like "Peg" as they could get. These tracks are none the lesser though, if only because they signal the end of Steely Dan's golden era.

1- Babylon Sisters
2- Hey Nineteen
3- Glamour Profession
4- Gaucho
5- Time Out Of Mind
6- My Rival
7- Third World Man