Starrunner - Overstand CD

This debut showcases the multi-faceted rock of this Chicago quartet, which incorporates funky breaks, soaring guitar leads, righteous reggae vibes, jazz and blues elements, and even a touch of hip-hop at times. Their hopeful outlook and idealistic mindset add a substantial edge to their lyrics, which are neatly displayed in focused frames of propulsive, energetic sound. Starrunner's solid sound can be partially atributed to their relentless touring schedule, which lends itself to the dynamic music found here. From mellow balladry to ripping funk-rock, Starrunner leaves no musical stone unturned!

1- Avocado mp3
2- Spun mp3
3- Bowlegged Centipede mp3
4- Dried mp3
5- Tomorrow mp3
6- Sitting mp3
7- Overstand mp3
8- Liz mp3
9- Thank You mp3
10- Driving 55 mp3
11- Sunset mp3
12- Chillcutt mp3
13- I'm Telling You Now mp3