Spymob - Sitting Around Keeping Score CD

How do you describe a year in which your band toured the world, played on a gold-selling record, performed on "The Late Show with David Letterman," scored radio and MTV airplay, garnered critical acclaim, shared stages with everyone from David Bowie to Jay-Z and recorded its debut album?

"I call that a really good year," says vocalist John Ostby, whose group Spymob hit it big in 2002 as the backing band for Neptunes side project N.E.R.D. For the average artist, such achievements usually mark the summation of an entire career -- if they're lucky. Spymob, however, is just getting started.

Their eagerly awaited debut album Sitting Around Keeping Score glows with the absorbed influences of Todd Rundgren, Steely Dan, Jellyfish and Split Enz. It's also the first rock album released on Star Trak, the new Arista subsidiary founded by the Neptunes.

"They reminded me of the music I grew up with," he says. "Their songs sounded like Steely Dan crossed with the Meters and Prince and it just blew me away." - Pharrell Williams

Though Spymob's sound evokes classic rock and soul-music icons, they keep their grooves current by incorporating loops and samples into songs built on vintage instruments. At the heart of the band's sound is vocalist John Ostby, whose supple voice, unique phrasings and reflective meditations lend depth and color. In his lyrics, he reveals a singular perspective full of irony, optimism and reverie.

1- 2040 mp3
2- It Gets Me Going mp3
3- I Still Live At Home mp3
4- Sitting Around Keeping Score mp3
5- Stand Up & Win mp3
6- On Pilot Mountain mp3
7- National Holidays mp3
8- Walking Under Green Leaves mp3
9- Thinking Of Someone Else mp3
10- Fly Fly Fishing Poles mp3
11- German Test Drive mp3