Speakeasy - All Your New Favorite Songs CD

Not one to leave a crowd standing in its proverbial shoes, Speakeasy has built an ever-loyal fan base by cultivating a party atmosphere at each and every show. The free-spirited nature of the band shines brilliantly in their live performances and on their latest release All Your New Favorite Songs. Serving up blistering cuts of crunchy, groovy electricity, Speakeasy breaks through with the rock and roll swagger of true performers.

1- The Bigger Picture mp3
2- Already Wanted You mp3
3- Where You At mp3
4- The Tide mp3
5- Jimmy mp3
6- Bad Apples mp3
7- Come On Now mp3
8- Hey There Man mp3
9- Dirty Dishes
10- Stitch In Time
11- Green Chevrolet
12- The Sky Is Falling

Released 2/12/08

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