Snarky Puppy - Tell Your Friends - 10 Year Anniversary CD


Snarky Puppy Celebrate the 10 Year Anniversary of the iconic album "Tell Your Friends" with a remixed and remastered version!
Promoted as the 10 Year Anniversary (Remixed & Remastered) version of the first live in-studio Snarky Puppy release. The live in-studio audio and video recording process for this album was marketed as an interesting new concept and listening experience for music lovers. Later releases would follow in the footsteps of the fan-favorite Tell Your Friends live recording process.

"Maybe you didn't notice, but this is Snarky Puppy's world, and the rest of us only live in it."- The New York Times

"One of the more versatile groups on the planet right now"- Rolling Stone

Release date 09.25.20