Shake - self-titled CD

This trio will make you tremble with joy! Hailing from Washington, DC, Shake serves up a wildly varying electric jazz sound that brims with energy and creativity. Guitarist Kevin Burnes can sear your brain as easily as he can provide gentle melodic accompaniment. Kenny Ruyter's dynamic drums ooze Latin influences as well as stoic funk leanings. Bass player Patrick Recob pummels the low end as well as he glides over the rhythm. These guys must be shaking with anticipation at the possibilities that lie ahead! What a great debut!

Features guest musicians Dave Finnell (trumpet, All Mighty Senators), Terry Marshall (piano), and many more!

1- Stride
2- Birdsong
3- Tumbleweed
4- Red
5- Heitor's Villa
6- Hippy
7- Dirt
8- Squash
9- Six
10- Wood
11- Eventide
12- Sinbad