Shady Deal - The Ringer CD

World boogie is coming! Tastes in music come from all over this country, and the world. Many musicians have migrated to parts of the country to absorb influences that they have encountered. So is the story with Shady Deal. Four boys from the bootheel migrated to Mississippi. Although other factors such as education, and a music scene that embraced blues, southern rock, funk, and more influenced their decision. Before the boys got down to Oxford, MS, they had never heard of R.L. Burnside, Junior Kimbrough, Beanland, and their offspring. The new generation kept the sound alive.

Shady Deal was formed and began playing bars in 2002, any hole that was nice enough to let them set up a PA and drink for free. They soon ran into a Louisiana boy that was attending Ole Miss. At this one particular hole he brought his keyboard. The final piece had been added. The boys then played enough up and down I-55, so they bought a van to live and travel in. A few days after, Jesse Hammock met Jim Dickinson at the Zebra Ranch, being introduced by Shady Deal's Uncle Bob Camp. Soon after the group cut their first record in Memphis with the legendary producer who had worked with the likes of the Stones, Big Star, Bob Dylan, Ry Cooder, and his bad ass sons. The band continues to tour extensively across the country, but are always coming home to the south. Free beer and hauling around speakers were in the past and the band developed their own sound apparent in their sophomore album, The Ringer, also produced by Dickinson.

1- Faulkner mp3
2- My Son mp3
3- Ragweed Summer mp3
4- Intro > End Like This mp3
5- Where You Going mp3
6- Admission mp3
7- Tickled Lush mp3
8- Cleo Wright mp3
9- Skinny Goat mp3
10- Motel mp3
11- Hurricane mp3

Released 1/30/07