Seth Yacovone - Land of Split Decision (2 CDs)

Seth's first "solo" album is also his first new release in 5 years!

Seth Yacovone - Electric & Acoustic Guitars, Slide Guitars, Vocals
Ray Paczkowski - Organ, Electric Piano, Clavinet, Wobble Board
Robinson Morse - Upright and Electric Bass
Steve Hadeka - Drums

Also appearing:

Gordon Stone - Pedal Steel, Banjo
Joe Moore - Saxophones
Charles Eller - Acoustic Piano
Andrew Moroz - Trombone
Zach Tonnissen - Tenor Saxophone
Sheila Metcalf - Backing Vocals
Andy Burke - Backing Vocals

Disc 1
1. Measured Mile mp3 sample
2. $12.99 Matching Gasoline Filled Insoles Sold Separately mp3 sample
3. Can't Get Sick mp3 sample
4. George mp3 sample
5. Martha mp3 sample
6. A.S.U. mp3 sample
7. Inward Outward and In Between mp3 sample
8. Reap the Reward mp3 sample
9. Don't Retread On Me

Disc 2
1. There is a Myth
2. Mr. Farmer
3. Unanimous Decision
4. Hand Grenade
5. The Shortest Route to Heaven is the Bomb
6. Terminal
7. Little Richard Will Rise Again
8. Somewhere There is a Home
9. My Mortar is Gulfport Bound

Released June 2008