Scrapomatic - Alligator Love Cry CD

With a fresh take on both urban and country blues, Scrapomatic arrives with a convincing array of raw, outspoken and emotional tracks. The band's second CD release, Alligator Love Cry, demonstrates a solid foundation of potent blues, overlaid with a stunning mixture of jazz, sweet soul, highly charged vocals and a memorable taste of scat. Scrapomatic is Mike Mattison (vocals, Derek Trucks Band) and Paul Olsen (guitar).

1- Louisiana Anna mp3
2- Horsemeat mp3
3- Graveside Blues mp3
4- Long Way Home mp3
5- So Much Love mp3
6- Lotus mp3
7- Monkey Card mp3
8- Ain't Got The Smile mp3
9- The Other Side mp3
10- God Damn Job mp3
11- Tired Weak Legs mp3
12- Raw Head And Bloody Bones
13- I Belong To The Band

Released 2006