ScoLoHoFo - Oh! CD

Presenting OH!, The debut CD by the jazz all-star collective ScoLoHoFo, comprising guitarist John Scofield, saxophonist Joe Lovano, bassist Dave Holland & drummer Al Foster. Throughout the history of jazz, artists have banded together in all-star configurations to explore the music. Some summits are one-shot deals for special events or tours; some are groupings of musicians under contract by the same record label; others are guest-spot gigs, where a leader enlists the support of fellow improvisers. But rarely do musicians of all-star caliber organically form a group that operates as a collective--where each member contributes equally to the proceedings as both a composer and co-arranger.

That's called chemistry--and this is what makes ScoLoHoFo such a remarkable quartet. After two tours (one in 1999 and the other in 2002), the collective settled into the studio for two days and documented for the first time their growth as a band. The result is OH!, a robust, buoyant and spirited collection of 11 fresh and original compositions.

John Scofield: Guitar
Joe Lovano: Tenor and Curved Soprano Saxophone
Dave Holland: Bass
Al Foster: Drums

Track Listing:
1 OH!
2 Right About Now
3 The Winding Way
4 Bittersweet
5 Shorter Form
6 New Amsterdam
7 In Your Arms
8 The Dawn Of Time
9 Brandyn
10 Faces
11 OH I See