Sanjay Mishra - Chateau Benares CD

Modernity and tradition. Classical temperament and electronic sensibility. Eastern timelessness and Western change. These and many other juxtapositions are to be found on Chateau Benares, the fifth CD fdrom guitarist/composer Sanjay Mishra.

As in his earlier collaborations with Jerry Garcia (Blue Incantation) and Dennis Chambers, Sanjay continues to break new ground fusing the traditional roots of East and West with modern music. Here, Mishra seamlessly blends guitar melodies and ambient electronica with turntable scratches, slide guitar, bass riffs, and programming to create a hypnotic soundscape that dissolves cultural boundaries.

Guests include DJ Logic, Keller Williams, Barun Pal, and Miti.

1. Different Morning mp3
2. Loop4 mp3
3. Gateless Gate mp3
4. Logical Journey mp3
5. Ladywith the Flowers mp3
6. Since Then mp3
7. Oriental mp3
8. Bells of Heaven Ring mp3
9. Raindrum mp3
10. Mirror mp3
11. Loop4_Alternate mp3
12. Oslo mp3

Released 10/17/06