Sabertooth - Dr. Midnight: Live at the Green Mill CD

This is the most fun you'll ever have with bebop music! Sabertooth is by far the most talented, most inventive, most entertaining traditionally-oriented jazz act in Chicago. Saxophonists Cameron Pfiffner and Pat Mallinger are exciting jazz players who evoke the spirit of historic saxophone tandems like Johnny Griffin & Eddie 'Lockjaw' Davis or Sonny Stitt & Gene Ammons. They formed Sabertooth (as in, two saxes, and the Sabertooth tiger had the two big teeth...get it?) in 1990 and have been doing the Saturday night After Hours Jazz Party from midnight to 5 AM at Chicago's historic Green Mill jazz club for fifteen years. The incomparable Pete Benson has been Sabertooth's organist for five years, contributing the low end and the fabulous organ melodies and solos, and the group is anchored by the uber-diverse Rebel Souls drummer Ted Sirota. Blues to bop, Caribbean to cool, strange (Dr. Midnight) to odd (couple) - put this CD on and join the party! It's not everyday you hear virtuoso players performing jazz with such humor and intensity - witness their interpretation of the Grateful Dead's "China Cat," and see jazz nazis run in fear! Cut loose to the sound of the hilariously titled "It's Surely Gonna Flop If It Ain't Got That Bop!" Enjoy the masterful reading of the "Odd Couple" theme, spiked with improvisation! It's all here folks!

1. Blues For C Piff 12:43 mp3 sample
2. It's Surely Gonna Flop If It Ain't Got That Bop 8:18 mp3 sample
3. Mary Anne 7:16mp3 sample
4. Tetemetearri 11:00 mp3 sample
5. Dr. Midnight 10:38 mp3 sample
6. Odd Couple 9:19 mp3 sample
7. China Cat Sunflower 8:30 mp3 sample

Released 2007