Robert Randolph & The Family Band - Colorblind CD

On Colorblind - the third album from Robert Randolph & The Family Band - Eric Clapton, Dave Matthews, Leroi Moore, Rashawn Ross, and Leela James join for a jam-packed, emotion-filled, good-time party mix of funk, soul, rock, gospel, and blues. This album shows just how much Randolph has evolved, using his sacred steel background to electrify funk, RB, and even hip-hop rhythms. Honored in 2003 as one of Rolling Stone's "100 Greatest Guitarists OF All Time," Randolph offers something for everyone - regardless of their preferred genre - on Colorblind.

1. Ain't Nothin Wrong With That mp3
2. Deliver Me mp3
3. Diane mp3
4. Angels mp3
5. Jesus Is Just Alright (featuring Eric Clapton) mp3
6. Stronger (featuring Leela James) mp3
7. Thrill Of It mp3
8. Blessed mp3
9. Love Is The Only Way (featuring Dave Matthews, LeRoi Moore and Rashawn Ross) mp3
10. Thankful N' Thoughtful mp3
11. Homecoming mp3

Released Oct. 10, 2006