Revision - What It Is CD

This emerging Ithaca, NY band brings the full range of their sound to their first proper full-length CD! With spry, tricky jazz-pop, free-floating funk, and carefully crafted compositions, Revision brings to mind the smooth, crafty soul sound of bands like Percy Hill, Ben Folds Five, and Spymob. Airy vocal harmonies surround feats of instrumental prowess, forming songs that have real substance in their sound.

1- Storm mp3
2- Boogie Man mp3
3- Anthony Michaels mp3
4- Unwind mp3
5- Great Unwind mp3
6- Ithaca Weather mp3
7- Follower mp3
8- Azul mp3
9- Can't Count On You mp3
10- Intuition mp3
11- Transparent mp3
12- Afterlife mp3
13- Familiar Face mp3
14- Bad Intentions mp3
15- Resolution mp3
16- Boogie Reprise mp3