Psychograss - Now Hear This CD


This new recording bears the unmistakable stamp of a mature group of artists at the top of their game. The all-original tunes ring with the authority of musicians who have mastered a vast swath of American music styles, yet are still exploring. Bluegrass music forms the grounding for a subtle and kaleidoscopic blend of seasonings which include jazz, rock, classical, and various international flavors - flavors that are not pasted over the music but woven into the sound of each player, expressed as a conversation, sometimes earthy, sometimes highfalutin, always totally present in the moment. Psychograss is a band of musicians who are indelibly written into the history of acoustic music.

Darol Anger: violin
Mike Marshall: mandolin
Todd Phillips: acoustic bass
Tony Trischka: banjo
David Grier: guitar

High Ham mp3
Look What the Dog Brought Home mp3
Looks Like A Duck mp3
In the Lion's Den mp3
One Foot in the Gutter mp3
Road to Hope mp3
Stroll of the Mudbug mp3
Scary mp3
Little Basses mp3
Not, Yet Not mp3

Released 6/27/06

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