Praxis - Zurich CD

Recorded at Zurich, Switzerland's JazzNoJazz Festival, June 21, 1996. "Undercurrent" recorded live at The Knitting Factory, NYC, June 30, 2000.

This early incarnation of Praxis features the core trio of Buckethead (guitars), Brain (drums), and Bill Laswell (bass) along with Mix Master Mike, Grandmixer DXT, DJ Disk, Q Bert, Shortkutz, and Oz Fritz adding their amazing turntable work to the fray, sometimes to the forefront. Incredible as it may sound, nearly ten years later, the music presented here somehow still holds up as one possible glimpse of the future of improvised rock. Critics would be hard pressed to find any group today playing on the same level as Praxis, whose devotion to trying anything new is what seems to drive not only their creativity but their growing fanbase as well.

1. Transmutation mp3
2. Flame War mp3
3. Transmutation 2 mp3
4. Buckethead Audio Virus
5. Theatre Of Eternal Turntables (In 3 Parts)
6. Transmutation 3 - Fresh Impression
7. Telematic Circuit Break (In 2 Parts)
8. Low Bass Monster
9. Ekstasis
10. Flicker mp3
11. Compressed Signal Cuts mp3
12. Transmutation 4 mp3
13. Cut-Chaos mp3
14. Giant Robot mp3
15. Direct Hit mp3
16. Transmutation 5 (Ascent) mp3
17. Undercurrent mp3

Released April 25, 2006