Porter Batiste Stoltz - 10/29/08 Savannah, GA (2 CDs)

Porter Batiste Stoltz played an especially energized show for the crowd in Savannah, GA. Right from the get-go, it's clear that it was a rowdy night. Listen to the alternate lyrics at the end of All We Wanna Do for "proof!" A Storm Is Brewin' is a Brian Stoltz tune that has been frequently popping up at the end of Name Up In Lights. It's wrought with passion and emotion, Brian really delivers on this track. Russell "takes [us] to space" with a double-dose of Pink Floyd to close out the set. The second set GOES OFF. Clocking in at around 90 minutes, this is some of the most in your face Porter Batiste Stoltz that I've heard. Four Meters tunes provide a running start to set, which gives way to one of the newest Porter Batiste Stoltz tunes appropriately titled Funkin'. I Believe provides a moment of mellowness in advance of the blistering segue of I Get High > Them Changes > Rainy Day Women > Bring The Flood. Listen carefully and you can hear the band weaving in and out of these tunes, teasing each one as they call them. Personally, I feel that this type of thing is the essence of what Porter Batiste Stoltz is all about.

All We Wanna Do (9:03) listen
Name Up In Lights (6:38) listen
A Storm Is Brewin' (7:33) listen
Check Out Your Mind (10:08) listen
Sugar For Me (7:15) listen
Like A Rolling Stone (7:04) listen
Us And Them (10:15) listen
Any Colour You Like (2:26) listen

Thinking (5:48) listen
Cissy Pickup (2:42) listen
Cissy Got The Blues (8:16) listen

Out In The Country (8:07) listen
All I Do Everyday (8:57) listen
Funkin' (9:34) listen
I Believe (6:02) listen
I Get High (7:29) listen
Them Changes (6:27) listen
Rainy Day Women (3:09) listen
Bring The Flood (12:18) listen
Look-Ka Py Py (2:50) listen
Welcome To New Orleans (5:58) listen