Peter Rowan's Twang & Groove Vol 1 CD


Comprised of Peter Rowan (lead vocals, guitar), Jamie Oldaker (drums), Mike Morgan (bass guitar), Jeff Hogan (percussion), Carter Arrington (lead guitar), and Darrell Commander (keyboards), Twang an' Groove is where Rhythm and Blues meets Reggae at an all day Bluegrass pickin' party.

“One of music's great polyglots, Peter Rowan sports a manifest of collaborators and bands, albums and influences that reads like a strange and wonderful map of Americana. Though he's known best either as a progressive bluegrass guy or the anchor of Old and in the Way that wasn't Garcia or Grisman, Rowan has skipped between reggae and rock, roadhouse and instrumental showmanship during the last five decades. He's a link between Bill Monroe and The Grateful Dead, between Bob Marley and Tony Rice… [Peter Rowan’s Twang An’ Groove ensemble is] an electric unit whose deep backbeat allows Rowan to waltz from the honky-tonk to the dancehall in the space of several meters, belting his blues and yodeling all the way.” – Grayson Currin, INDY Week

Jamie is a beast of a drummer who locks into a groove with Mike, resulting in the tightest rhythm section to support the lush sounds of talented bandmates Carter, Darrell and Jeff. Their chemistry is simply transcendent.

1. Leave It Alone listen
2. The Raven listen
3. Moonlight Midnight listen
4. In The Pines listen
5. Fetch Wood Carry Water listen
6. Muleskinner Boogie listen
7. Pulling The Devil By The Tail listen
8. Land Of The Navajo listen

Released in April 2014